Celebrating 75 Years

In 1947, Bruce and Amy Hodgdon, along with sons JB and Bob, launched the Hodgdon Powder Company, with the first surplus powder offering after World War II. Over the last 75 years, Hodgdon Powder Company has grown into the preeminent supplier of gunpowder and blackpowder substitutes to handloading and muzzleloading enthusiasts. Along the way, Hodgdon Powder Company also acquired the IMR®, Accurate Powder® and Ramshot® brands, as well as licensing the Winchester® Smokeless Propellants brand.

JB Hodgdon

Hodgdon co-founder

Our father Bruce was drafted into the service during World War II, where he served as an aerial gunnery instructor for the Navy. He used skeet to teach his students about the lead required to hit targets. He couldn’t get enough ammunition to teach skeet but could get components, so brother Bob and I would help him most nights loading shotshells so he could teach class the next day.

Bob Hodgdon

Hodgdon co-founder

After the war, Dad was instrumental in convincing the government to sell him surplus 4895 and he brought it to market in 1947 as Hodgdon H4895.Our first ad selling surplus powder appeared in American Rifleman magazine in November, 1947. Although we’ve grown over the last 75 years and our company has a lot of accomplishments to celebrate, in our hearts, we’re still a group of proud handloading shooters and hunters from Kansas. We are grateful to our employees who manufacture, package and ship the product and for our handloading and muzzleloading customers who appreciate what we do.

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