Regina Milkovich
Project Description

Regina Milkovich has been the leading female in precision rifle shooting since she first picked up a rifle in 2009. She remains the only female to take home overall wins in national level precision rifle competitions when she won the 2016 NorCal Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge and 2018 K&M Kahles Precision Rifle Competition.

A consistent shooter, Regina has finished in the Top 20 routinely and in the Top 10 quite frequently in both the National Rifle League and Precision Rifle Series. She helps organize and coordinate Arizona’s own national level event, the Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge. She’s also the co-director of her local club, the AZ LRPRS, assisting in facilitating monthly matches throughout the year. She recently took on the role of Southwest Regional Director for the Precision Rifle Series. In her off time, Regina writes for many publications in both print and digital mediums, trains other shooters, and mentors several up-and-coming female competitors in the precision rifle discipline.


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