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From their home in Montana, Shoot Straight with Chad & Marsha follows Chad, Marsha and their two boys-Walker and Wyatt-across the world in hunting adventures. Each week the Schearer family will hunt with a variety of weapons from archery, muzzleloader and shotgun to centerfire rifles and will not only focus on the hunt, but will be filled with educational tips to make the viewers better sportsmen and sportswomen.

ABOUT CHAD:   Chad is a world champion elk caller and two-time Eastern US Elk Calling Champion. A licensed Montana Professional Outfitter and Guide freelance writer, his articles and photographs have been featured in magazines including Outdoor Life, American Hunter, American Rifleman, Field and Stream. Chad is also the Director of Advertising & Media Relations for CVA Muzzleloaders, PowerBelt Bullets, Bergara USA, DuraSight Rings and Bases, Quake Industries and Konus Optics. Sponsored by many of the hunting industries leading manufacturers, he has conducted over a thousand hunting and fishing seminars across the United States and has hunted and fished extensively around the world. He is also the past Editor of Blackpowder Guns and Hunting Magazine.

ABOUT MARSHA:   Marsha is the co-host of Shoot Straight with Chad & Marsha and is a Licensed Montana Professional Guide. In addition, she is also an outdoor writer and photographer, as well as a national seminar speaker.

ABOUT WALKER:   Walker is 15 years old and has hunted from Africa to Hawaii, and several places in between, including the Yukon in Canada. He took his first turkey and mule deer at age 6 and his first bull elk at age 9. Walker loves waterfowl hunting with his black lab Pow.

ABOUT WYATT:   Wyatt is 14 years old and has also hunted Africa, Hawaii and other states as well. He harvested his first turkey and whitetail deer at age 5 and completed his turkey grand slam by age 11. Wyatt has won numerous elk calling competitions at the ISE Best of the West Elk Calling Competition. He also placed second in the World Elk Calling competition. When Wyatt’s not hunting or fishing he loves competing in rodeos and roping off of his horse, General.

Mondays 3:30 PM EST
Tuesdays 10:30 PM EST
Fridays 5:30 PM EST

Sundays 6:00 AM MST (Montana only)


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