Todd Jarrett
Project Description

Todd is a competitive shooter and firearms instructor. A longtime resident of Virginia, Todd competes in over 16 different shooting disciplines (to include USPSA, 3-Gun, Steel Challenge, IDPA, Olympic Rapid Fire, Shotgun Shooting Sports). Todd is also a sought-after firearms instructor for military, law enforcement, and competitive shooters around the world. His proven expertise in firearm manipulation and shooting techniques has enhanced the skills of countless individuals and agencies. For over 25 years, he has worked in the firearms industry in product development, working and consulting with small arms manufacturing and related products. He is also a noted TV personality, regularly appearing on TV programs Shooting USA.

He is a four-time World Champion, 13-time National Champion, the only Triple Crown winner in Action Shooting Sports and has 600+ (and counting) local and regional shooting competitions. He has over 35 years’ experience in shooting, with approximately 50 tons of projectiles downrange with the assistance of Hodgdon Powder.


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