Zach Hinze

Zach, a resident of McCook, Nebraska, started shooting trap and hunting when he was 10. Soon, Zach was shooting skeet and fell in love with the sport. A couple months later, Zach shot USAYESS competition in Grand Island. Quickly he was attending weekly, monthly, and annual shoots, which included Nebraska state, USAYESS, and many more. Zach started attending national shoots in 2018, including Junior Worlds, Junior Olympics Nationals, and USAYESS Nationals.


Through shooting, Zach has met many people in the shooting community. Former lead pilot of the Blue Angel’s John Foley has reached been in contact along with Remington Mcbee and several others.


In addition to shooting, Zach plays plays baseball, basketball, football, and track & field.  He volunteers as an alter sever at Mass on Sunday at church and is a member in the Civilian Airpatrol Program.  He play trumpet in the Junior High Band and I am an honor roll student at St. Pat’s.


Zach has several friends that are getting into reloading shotshells because of Zach’s reloads. They are impressed by the light recoil and how cheap it is compared to buying new AA shells for practice or matches.  All of them are asking their parents for shotshell presses now.


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