Tips and Tricks – Muzzleloading

How To Unload a Muzzleloader

Sooner or later, one is bound to finish a muzzleloading hunt without firing the gun. Before wiping that muzzleloader down and putting it back on the rack, it must be safely unloaded. Some methods include discharging the firearm, (not always an option, depending upon location) or using a corkscrew-type ball puller. For ease of use and safety, the method we prefer is one of the many C02-powered discharge devices that are on the market today.

Start outside with the muzzleloader pointed in a safe direction. Remember the firearm is still loaded at this point. Select the correct discharge nozzle fitting (most come with fittings for flintlocks, in-lines, or percussion caps) for your firearm type. Next, apply the discharge device to the breech plug or flash hole and release the C02 gas to clear the load from the firearm. That’s it – your muzzleloader is now unloaded.

Now be sure to wipe down the firearm with gun oil and run a lightly-oiled patch down the bore before storing. One last note – Don’t be tempted to reuse powder or projectiles – every hunt deserves fresh powder and a new bullet. Good luck out there!


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